Flip-Flopping for the Single-Side User

Here’s a little trick of the trade Dawson came up with a while back that we thought might be useful to have at your disposal, should the need every arrive.

As the story goes, we were putting together the DVD copies of our first ever short film, Copy Goes Here, and, of course, we were using Jewelboxing. The trick is, we only wanted to use the front and back of the cover booklet, with nothing printed inside because we had it all pretty well taken care of using the front and back. However, we wanted to avoid people wondering if there was something inside the booklet and taking it out to look, only to find it empty. So Dawson suggested that we just swap the images, the one for the outside cover and the one for the inside facing the disc. That way, you’d still print the front section of the booklet out like normal and when you fold it, now you’ve got the crease facing the outside edge and what’s usually the opening of the booklet now facing the spine of the case. Make sense? Visuals always seem to help, so here’s a photo:

Here’s hoping there were a lot of holiday wishes delivered, printed backwards or otherwise, by way of a shiny new Jewelboxing case in Moscow, Muskegon, Austin, Tampa, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Lewisville, Manti, Madison, West Des Moines, El Cerrito, Ames, Marion, San Diego, Ottawa, Brussels, Southport, London, Woodstock, Columbus, Tumwater, and Playa del Ray.

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