FOJBs (Friends of Jewelboxing)

See that series of links over there to the right? Under the heading “Thanks for Noticing”? If you’ve never clicked around over there, that’s where we put the links to those who have talked up Jewelboxing on their blogs, their business sites, their personal projects; anything we find or are sent that gives the system a thumbs up. We’ve covered some of the comments and projects here on the blog or in Examples + Inspirations, but a lot of the shorter blurbs we’ve seen have just been tucked away over there in that growing list. So, to avoid neglect, we thought we’d pull a batch of the good ones out and show ’em off a bit.

“A CD / DVD presentation system, or the perfect online business plan. I think it’s great.”
– Rebel One

“…they are everything they are reported to be.”
– Superneedle

“Now this is cool as sh*t!”
– Y2KM

“ imaginative new approach to CD-case design.”
– Now Hear This!

“I always like it when someone gets fed up with what’s currently available and invents a better version of it.”
– VMUNIX Blues

“I plan to send my electronic portfolio with my grad school application out in this. It seems like a fantastic addition to a job application too.”
– Muddled.Org

“Kudos to Coudal. Highly recommended.”
– Ascent Stage

“If you have a project, portfolio, or anything else that needs to look more impressive than a slimline case that you’d throw in your bag, I recommend Jewelboxing cases.”
– Steinruck Design

“With the increase of digital media tools on home computers, there has been a gap to fill the way to package that content in a profesional manner from home. Jewelboxing looks to be a great product to do so.”
– Put Together Quickly

“Finally, something for those of us who care to put a little more love in the package.”
– Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting

“I, as well as others I know are despertally looking for an excuse to fork over the cash for these.”
– Ordinary Life

We’d be more than happy to lend our finest of blurbs to those in Brooklyn, Southbury, Edmonton, New York, Saint George, Gent, Loganville, Richmond, San Francisco, Toronto, Austin, Missoula, Coral Gables, Alta Loma, Potomac, Madison, Ardmore via Youghal, and Orlando.

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