Fond Memories That’ll Actually Last

Lockers have all long since been cleaned out, report cards have been distributed, and those who have just graduated from high school are already likely looking through their yearbooks and thinking “Who was that person?” Thus is the plague of the school annual, where bad photos of the people you only kinda sorta knew slowly start to fade away, not helped in any way by the amount of brain cells that will likely be destroyed once you hit college. All that’s the sad truth, of course, unless you happened to go to school with Sujay Thomas, who put together a short film about his graduating class and expertly packaged it using Jewelboxing. Here’s what Sujay had to say:

“Our high school career was coming to an end and it seemed fitting to me to compile a great DVD package as a departing gift for all the seniors. I’ve always enjoyed design and film. For our Senior Class Day, a close friend and I were in charge of creating a fun, short video, chronicling our time during high school in a fun, entertaining way. After it was finished and screened to the whole entire senior class, with fantastic reception, I knew it couldn’t end there. So I planned on making my first DVD, a memory for my friends to keep for the rest of their lives. Knowing how creative our class is, I knew that it would only be fitting that our package reflect the students’ uniqueness and be something that I’d be proud to have in my collection. I turned to Jewelboxing for this very reason. I didn’t hesitate to order a King set, and was more than thrilled when it arrived. The end product was a stylish, colorful case that is sure to stand out.”

We hope there’s stylish, colorful, stand-out things going on as well in New York, Darien, Hudson, Minneapolis, New Richmond, Phillipsburg, Austin, Chicago, Savannah, Phoenix, League City, Huntington Beach, Vancouver, Troy, Los Angeles, Huntsville, La Mirada, Easthampton, Lambertville, Sinjhuang City, Ponca City, and Wellington.

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