Giving It Away

Anyone who orders a kit from us at between now and midnight, Sunday, December 11th, gets a copy of a DVD containing our goofy short film Copy Goes Here free of charge. In case you didn’t know, Jewelboxing is part of Coudal Partners in Chicagoand this is our attempt at what the smart guys might call ‘synergy.’

The disc also contains Scott Smith’s movie Ten, in which a man violates all Ten Commandments before breakfast, plus Slowtron’s How to BBQ a Man which is pretty self-explanatory, and Steve Delayhoyde’s 238 Miles, an excrutiating drive from Iowa to Chicago listening to just one song, “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

Make a bulk order this week and we’ll toss in a stylish CGH tee shirt too. Write crew at jewelboxing dot com for information on that.

Since you’re not paying for the movie, keep your smartypants comments about our acting abilities to yourself willya? And yes, regifting of the movie is encouraged.

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