Going the Distance

We have a soft spot for people in long distance relationships here at Jewelboxing HQ. In seeing friends who have decided to court from afar and having collectively been in a few ourselves over the years (including one that resulted in an experiment involving ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”), we understand how much effort it takes in making it work. So we were happy to hear that our cases had become part of that effort on behalf of Hamish Macpherson who wrote us about a project he was working on to help keep those fires o’ love burning strong:

“I just finished and sent off my first Jewelboxing project, so I thought I’d share what I came up with. It was a CD for my wonderful girlfriend Talia. Right now we’re in a long distance relationship, so I had the idea of making a CD for her while I’m far away. I remembered seeing Jewelboxing before, but at the time I couldn’t find a legitamte use for it. But not anymore! I ordered a pack of Kings right away and got to work as soon as they arrived (in fact, I had started designing before they came). I was really surprised at just how easy it was to print, punch out, and put together, and I was even happier with the results. Thanks for making this project a success! I look forward to Jewelboxing again in the future.”

Thanks much to Hamish for sharing his story with us and here’s to hoping there’s love in the air (and maybe in the mail, too) in Evanston, San Diego, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Ruston, Los Angeles, West Monroe, Manchester, Bonaire, Carmel, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Jersey City, Berkeley, Conroe, Tulsa, La Crosse, Wickliffe, Brooklyn, and East Patchogue.