Going to the Chapel

The PayPal problems from earlier in the week are a fading, distant memory except for that big, ugly zero in the sales column for Monday. To all who wrote and called and eventually got their orders through, thanks for your patience. Things seems back to normal now.

Scott Madore has found our Jewelboxing system perfect for a wedding video project he just completed. Lots of other people are using them to archive photos, music and video from big family events. If that’s how you’re using them, drop us a note and picture. We’d love to see how they came out. If you’re in Chicago’s southwest suburbs and don’t want to do all the work yourself, Valarie and company at Reel Life, a new shop in Indian Head Park, can handle the entire project, including packing your final product with Jewelboxing.

Let’s raise a toast to Bolton, Chicago, Orangeburg, LA, Chantilly and Granada Hills.

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