Great Focus

Is there anything more enjoyable than photographing buildings and other feats of architecture? You can keep your scenic landscapes and moody portraits; for us, we love trying to capture the perfectly straight lines, the way the light bounces off a column, or the sheer size of a gigantic room. We couldn’t begin to comprehend the hours we’ve spent down at the Illinois Institute of Technology here in Chicago, shooting Mies’ masterpieces, or the collective hard drive space dedicated to snaps we’ve taken of the beautiful Chicago skyline just outside our studio window. So understandably, we were excited to hear from Jeff Kroeze, a photographer in California who makes his living getting beautiful shots of some the interiors and exteriors of gorgeous buildings. After taking some time to view the amazing work he has posted on his site, here’s the info we got from Jeff about using the system:

“I’m a photographer in Newport Beach, CA, specializing in architectural and travel images. In the competitive Orange County market, Jewelboxing has proven itself as an elegant solution for packaging impressive DVD portfolios destined for new clients. The system allows for great flexibility in design and production. Whether running off 1 or 100, there’s no minimum order to worry about so each one can be customized. I sent out my first batch last week to a great response. They look so classy I want to keep them all for myself! I had a lot of fun with this project and I thank Jewelboxing and Coudal for making it so easy. You’ll be getting another order from me soon.”

Here’s to hoping the f-stops and ISO settings are working out perfectly to capture the lovely things in Garland, Kalamazoo, Tracy, Round Hill, Jefferson, Houston, Roswell, Toronto, Fort Washington, Loveland, Duluth, Ruston, Brooklyn, Burbank, Omaha, New York, Canton, Tujunga, Monroe, New Milford, Flushing, Yarraville, Miami, and North Vancouver.

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