Greetings from Earth. We Have Jewelboxing.

Earlier this week, we received a terrific letter from Steve Wood, a very talented filmmaker and motion graphics designer, who had this to say:

“I’ve been using Jewelboxing to send my short film ‘Echo’ out to festivals. It has been in the East Lansing Film Fest, The London SCI FI Film Fest, and others soon. I love the cases and I’m looking forward to trying out the new paper. Here’s a little info on the film:

The most powerful broadcast ever deliberately beamed into space was made from Arecibo, Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974. It included representations of the fundamental chemicals of life, the formula for DNA, a crude diagram of our solar system, and simple pictures of a human being and the Arecibo telescope.

‘Echo’ was created with stock footage elements from public domain resources such as NASA and The Atomic Energy Commission, combined with original animations created in Illustrator and After Effects. Many of the images in the film were culled from the internet, then modified and animated. Other audio and graphic elements were taken from the 1977 ‘Golden Record,’ a metal LP containing sounds, images, and greetings from Earth, sent into space with the Voyager Spacecraft.”

“Echo” is currently available on iFilm, here. Definitely need to check it out.

We’re making our own ‘Golden Record’ right now, but it contains only gushing praise about the people in Los Angeles, San Rafael, Redondo Beach, Woodstock, Milpitas, Sonoma, Venice, Canmore, Sparta, Manchester, and New York.