I expect we’re not the first online retailers to keep track of orders by day and constantly evaluate how we’re doing against previous weeks and time periods. We’ve been chugging right along lately with real identifiable patterns developing and, by and large, things going along in a sensible way. Until today. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD if you’re going to order Jewelboxing soon please do it before midnight tonight and Help Save Our Tuesday.

Today could be the worst sales Tuesday since the very first weeks we were open. There’s no explanation really. The last few weeks have been among our best ever. Yesterday was strong. Traffic is above average. PayPal is working fine. Please, just a 40pack here and there can make all the difference.

Editors Note: Never mind.

Thanks to Burlington, Huntington Station, Columbia, Salt Lake City, Surrey, Daly City, Utrecht, Venlo, Brooklyn, Chicago, Santa Monica, NYC, Burbank, LA, Atlanta, Edina and Chagrin Falls.

Also, in response to Ollie, who asks? “So tell me Jim, what exactly comes included in the Jewelboxing system?”

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