Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Amy here at Jewelboxing HQ alerted us to an important anniversary we might have otherwise missed: it’s the 50th anniversary of bubble wrap. You can read the whole AP story here about the pair of New York inventors, Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding, who developed this wonderfully protective instrument by accident, while they were trying to create a new type of textured wallpaper.

On a personal note, we don’t know where we’d be without the stuff. We go through rolls and rolls of it packaging Jewelboxing and all our other miscellaneous products. It seems like the UPS guy is here dropping more off nearly every week, each roll round and awkwardly shaped making it hard to lug up the stairs, yet surprising light, which sort of makes up for it. We also use a ton of bubble wrap-inspired products, from the Square Spongy Pad Thingamabobs we include in our Studio kitsto help separate cases (we’re sure these have a real name, but we’d prefer to continue along with this given title) to our now-famous Bags of Air machine, which does just exactly as it sounds and its output helps keep every Jewelboxing order safe in transit when it goes from here to you.

So a big thanks and a happy birthday to bubble wrap and here’s to hoping everything is safe and snug in Largs, Los Angeles, Conroe, Rochester Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Tokyo, New York, Salt Lake City, Addis, Austin, Sandy, Chappaqua, Toronto, Basingstoke, Lincoln, and Hale.

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