High Marks and Good Ranking

Here’s something we ran across that was nice to find: Laura Randall’s “Top 25 Awesome Products and Services” on her blog, Videography Resources. We were very fortunate to be picked as selection number three, beating out such heavyweights as Costco and the iPhone (even though we’re pretty sure the list wasn’t really being ranked, we’re still going to brag about it). Laura’s choices were complete with write-ups about each product or service and her Jewelboxing entry had some very kind things to say about the system (and some well-deserved praise for our man-about-Jewelboxing, Dawson):

“… I honestly LOVE my Jewelboxing cases. I did have to play with the templates a bit when I first got them, but they were more than happy to send me replacement inserts on the ones I ruined. Dawson at Coudal (the parent company) has always provided me with fast, courteous customer service. At the wedding show brides kept picking up the cases saying how nice they were.”

Thanks to Laura for talking us up and including us in her collection of goodness. Here’s to hoping lots of lists are being compiled right now and we’ve found our way onto them (the positive ones, preferably) in Phoenix, Boulder, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Monica, Chicago, Chino, Lawrenceville, Anchorage, Regina, Culver City, Bethesda, Atlanta, Troy, New York, Mississauga, Chandler, Calgary, Rouen, London, and Venice.

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