Hire This Man!

One of the first times we ran across Nick Campbell’s work was on a short film compilation DVD called Cherry Bomb. The disc series was funded by small Chicago businesses who would pay a small fee to include their logo on the packaging, and have a commercial included on the disc, made by local amateur filmmakers. As with most things that work with such low budgets, the spots ran the gamut from not-so-great to clever-but-clearly-inexpensive. However, we stopped dead in our tracks when we came to Nick’s spot for the popular Wicker Park coffee shop, Jinx Cafe. Here was a gorgeous motion graphics piece that blew everything else on the disc out of the water, and even rivaled any expensively produced national spot. We knew we had to get to know him.

So over the past year or so, we’ve all gotten aquatinted with Nick and his terrific work, which keeps getting better and better. Most recently, if you’ve been to a Sox or a Bulls game, you’ve seen some of his animations on the Jumbotrons, screens as big as they come.

And so it goes without saying that, as he neared graduation from the Chicago Institute of Art, we were thrilled that he was going to be using Jewelboxing to package his hundreds of reelshe’d be sending out on his job hunt. He dropped a few of them off for us the other day, and, typical of Nick’s standards, they were nothing short of fantastic. Super clean design, a quick, catchy reel, and a newly revamped logo for his motion design nom de plume, Creamy Orange. Suppose what we’re saying here is that, if you’re looking to hire a big talent, Nick’s your guy.

We’re certain that there are also buckets of limitless talent in Old Portsmouth, Springfield Gardens, West Chester, San Francisco, Springfield, London, New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Racine, Atlanta, Simi Valley, Antioch, Cheam, Lake Oswego, Hopkins, Miami, and Milpitas.

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