How Many Relatives Do You Really Like? Part Two

Yesterday we asked for some opinions about a new system we’ll be offering and we received a ton of responses, none were better than this one from Russell.

Hmmmm. I like a lot of the dead ones and I’d probably press some flowers in the jewel boxes and leave them at their graves, but I am a bastard and never visit the cemeteries. Christ, I couldn’t even find them without calling my dad for directions and that would be pretty tacky. I like 5 or 6 of the live ones. However some still can’t understand the concept of the ‘dimmer switch’, so they aren’t getting any ultra-modern new fangled doohickeys that might scare their cats. I’d say 2 might benefit from a jewel boxed photo album. Yes, 2. And I have about 30 relatives that are not that far removed. I just don’t dig them.

We like a surprisingly large percentage of the folks in Indianapolis, Leonia, Mountain View, Altadena, DC, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Ocean, Atlanta, Edmonton, Nashville, Miami, LA and Vancouver.

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