How Many Relatives Do You Really Like?

If we were going to offer a smaller kit for people who wanted to make family photo or video archives for the holidays, what would be the optimum number of cases to include? Ten? Five? Three? What do you think? Write us with your opinion and we’ll choose a random responder and send them a 20pack free of charge.

Basically we’re going to make it super simple for folks who don’t have familiarity with or access to professional design applications to create a great-looking package. The last piece of the puzzle is figuring out the right basic system size and price. For me, five or six seems right. I’d make a couple for my own use and one each for the grandparents and one or two more for the kids’ aunts and uncles. A package like that would sure blow away that goofy photo-print with the wreath on the left and the kids all bundled up in red sweaters on the right.

If you live and work in Fort Worth, Johnson City, Scarbrough, Madison, LA, La Verne, Santa Monica, Edmond, Harrisonburg, London, NYC, Menifee, Potomac, Auckland, Berlin, St. Paul, Athens, Tamarac, Bellevue, Hudson, Tooele, North Hollywood, Stow, Ashford, Riverdale, Key Biscayne, Bassendean, Plano, Springville, Chicago or Forest Hills, consider yourself warned. Your competition is now armed with the Jewelboxing system and their presentations are much more lethal. Your only response is to close the ‘disc-packaging gap’ by matching their now-awesome power with a Jewelboxing system of your own.

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