If Barry Manilow Really Wanted a Jewelboxing 20pack, He Could Win One Easily

Last week the ad-grunts at Ad-Land were playing Trivia Chain by writing short poems that answered an advertising question with another question. The week they’re trying to win win a Jewelboxing 20pack by writing commercial jingles. Like this one.

Terry Gilliam, Terry Gilliam
He made a film about junkies
Terry Gilliam, Terry Gilliam
He also made a film about monkeys

Monkeys are cool, monkeys are cool
The talking ones steal your girlfriends.
Which beer brand, which beer brand
Made this idea pay dividends?

We love NYC, DC, Berkeley, San Francisco, Irving and Paso Robles. And we love the way MemoriesOnTV can make creating the disc as easy as Jewelboxing makes creating the package.

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