Impressive Design, Oppressive Regimes

A little while ago, Jacob Patton, Director of Outreach and Technology for the Free the Slaves organization, stopped by the studio to say hello and to drop off a copy of his group’s new project, “The Freedom Relay,” beautifully designed and packaged using Jewelboxing. We were so impressed by both the design and the goals of the foundation, we thought we’d highlight both the case and give some information about the project:

“Groups of friends all over the country watch ‘The Freedom Relay,’ a documentary about slavery still being practiced throughout the world. After the video has finished, they call in to talk with FTS’ employees who are doing current research or working with our partners at the grassroots. That way, individuals interested in learning more about this issue are able to connect centrally to learn more. We do this on the last Friday of each month: video + conference call. That’s what we are about! Promoting education, dialogue … a movement to end slavery.”

Thanks very much to Jacob and Free the Slaves for letting us see their terrific work. We also look forward to seeing exceptional creations from those in Avondale Estates, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arlington, Denver, Alexandria, Signal Mountain, Arlington Heights, Boston, Hanover Park, Houston, Saskatoon, Redwood City, Jacksonville, Bonita Springs, Venice, and Beaverton.