Leta, Meet Spencer

We’re trying a little something different this week. We’ve sold lots and lots of Jewelboxing systems to people who want to get organized by making sweet-looking photo-archives of their family pictures and to send them out as gifts to their friends and relatives. In many cases this, like lots of other things, is motivated by the birth of a child.

One of our favorite weblogs anywhere is Heather Armstrong’s Dooce. Heather and Jon recently introduced a beautiful daughter, Leta, to the world. Heather takes a lot of pictures. Heather’s readers are more than likely young parents. Young parents take a lot of pictures. See where we’re going here?

We’re glad to be sponsoring Dooce for the next couple months. We tried to keep our ad as tasteful as the rest of Heather’s site and if you click on our ad there, you’ll go to an alternate JB home page featuring a picture of my boy Spencer. They way we see it, it’s nice to target an ad for an audience but perhaps it’ll be more effective to target the site to that audience too. We’ll see.

Babies are born everywhere, but the cutest ones are born in Burbank, LA, NYC, Chicago, Redmond, Tampa, Toronto, Austin, Carlsbad, Houston, South Pasadena and Montreal.

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