MacUser Redux

From the July MacUser Magazine (which nobody told me about and if they had I would have been happy to send them a free 20pack so if you see us mentioned somewhere cool don’t assume that we know about it, drop us a note and if it’s news to us we’ll take care of you) “Like all the best ideas, Jewelboxing came about when the system’s founders, the designers at Coudal Partners, couldn’t find an easy way to package up their digital work…” A nice sidebar on p63. Thanks for that. For more on how this thing got started, read this early entry in the JB blog.

If I don’t start reeling them off in big chunks I’m never going to get cought up on my thank-yous, and that’s just bad manners. So here’s a big wet kiss to San Francisco, Washington, Kilcullen, LA, Corvallis, Honolulu, NYC, Boulder, Waikato, Cypress, Bury, Versailles, Philadelphia, Mt. Pleasant, Denton, Freemans Bay, Bristol, Saratoga Springs, Ft. Myers and Mequon.

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