Making a Good Last Impression

On our blog, it seems like many of our posts about promotional work tend to focus more on that first meeting, that attempt at landing a job. But we ran into an interesting discussion today about the other side of that equation over at the Freelance Switch Forums. The topic was “Packaging of Deliverables” and the initial post was about using Jewelboxing to turn in that final copy to your client of whatever it is you’ve just finished up for them:

Seems like an interesting way to leave a definite, tangible impression with clients. Has anyone else tried this? How did it turn out?

Personally speaking, it’s what we’ve always done here at Jewelboxing and over at Coudal, trying to make a good last impression, and we’ve found that it’s been a success thus far. Though there are, of course, some detractors:

Impressing your clients AFTER the project is complete seems to be a tad backward.

Granted, among those couple of “why would you want to do that?” responses there were some good points, largely stemming from the idea that not all businesses operate in the same way and sometimes a client just needs a file passed along by e-mail or FTP and that’s it. Impressing them at the beginning and sticking to their guidelines at the end might be just enough.

But the vast majority of the replies seemed to see this as a very good idea, continuing that commitment to the project even after the last invoice has gone out. If it’s right for your business and your marketing budget will allow for it, why not make an effort to keep those clients you’ve enjoyed working with coming back and possibly sticking solely with you for the long haul? That seems to be the verdict in the end, that while doing this might not make an instant financial difference to your business, putting the notion that “you’re a class act” in your client’s mind is never a bad idea and has the potential to lead to a lot of positives.

Just something we found interesting on a Friday afternoon and it’s always nice to see our cases discussed from another angle. Here’s to hoping for a great weekend and many happy returns in Fairfax, Austin, Bethesda, Villa Park, Shaker Heights, Media, Greenville, Brookline, Philadelphia, Oberlin, Mississauga, Sycamore, Chicago, South Grafton, Savannah, London, Winter Park, New York City, Vancouver, La Mirada, and Knoxville.

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