Meeting the New Neighbours

Granted, talking about Christmas in February is a bit odd. It’s even a little too early for one of those “Christmas in June!” sales at a local department store. But when you hear from The Neighbourhood, an amazing new firm in Manchester, about the beautiful holiday film they made in December, the time of year takes a back seat. Here’s from Jon Humphreys, Creative Director:

“The Neighbourhood is a CGI imaging/animation company now in our 6th month of business. One of our mission statements is to keep creating self-generated pieces of work. So we thought we would celebrate Christmas and officially announce our arrival into the world with a short animation. After its online release, we received such great response from around the world it made good sense to send out DVD copies to friends, clients etc.”

“After a little searching we discovered the fantastic Jewelboxing solution for the disc packaging. This proved to be a stylish and cost effective way of personalizing our film and present as gifts as we could design and print our own cover with ease. We did decide to make things a little difficult for ourselves though by making 180 in a 2 day time frame to make the last post before Christmas! [here’s a time lapse video of the process] Things would have been a lot tougher if we had to hand cut every cover/insert individually though!”

We’re really happy to have helped The Neighbourhood make their flashy holiday entrance a bit more special. And we hope, even in February, they’re still feeling a little of that spirit in Copenhagen, Toledo, Houston, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Birkdale, Cincinnati, San Jose, Santa Ana, New York, Breckenridge, Minneapolis, Spokane, Grand Rapids, Charlottenlund, East Brunswick, Markham, Manitou Springs, Paoli, Dallas, and Clapham.

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