New Bubbles, Better Squeaks

If you follow the happening here or on Fresh Signals on the Coudal site, you’re apt to recognize the name Jason Koxvold. We’ve been longtime favorites of his tremendous film and motion graphics work. And you probably are too. You’ve likely seen his work in television spots, music videos, print ads, film fests, and if you’ve been to Times Square over the past couple of years, you probably noticed his enormous spot for Winterfresh hanging overhead. We’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Jason and have him has a customer. And, with everything he’s shown us, his new reel is perfecto:

“I love the new stock, it holds the colour and density so nicely. So anyway I’m sending some reels out and figured it might be worth making a good impression.

The Citizens [Jason just finished their latest video, “You Drive”] wanted a couple of DVDs for their new manager as well, so I jewelboxed some up and he totally freaked out.

Anyway watch out, apparently Appearances will be played on The OC on November 3rd.”

We expect that many hit shows about teenagers in love will soon be featuring the wildly attractive people in New York, Santa Monica, Lancaster, Phoenix, Davidson, Midlothian, Glendale, Edgefield, Bellingham, London, Pasadena, Peterborough, Topanga, Wayne, Kennesaw, Medford, Chicago, Philadelphia, Spring Valley, Henderson, Venice, Lincoln, Washington, Fort Lauderdale, Wolverton, and Detroit.

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