Official Disc Casing System of the Living Dead

We liked filmmaker Jeremiah Lewis right away after reading this line in his bio: “Roger Corman has classics, why can’t I?” And why not, indeed. All it takes is a script, dedication, some neighbors who don’t mind being doused in red dye and corn syrup, and a camera. Doesn’t hurt if you know what you’re doing too, which, after seeing Lewis’ new film, Red State, it’s certain that he does. Here’s the whole scoop:

Red State began as a goof off project for my annual Memorial Day get-together at my brother’s house in Fort Worth, Texas. Shot over two days with minimal budget and a handful of neighbors playing zombie extras, it took a further five months to edit, create visual effects, and add sound and music. When designing the packaging, I felt Red State deserved something more than the black Wal-Mart DVD case could provide. I had read about Jewelboxing a while ago, and it seemed like a good option to go with.”

“Though I don’t have an inkjet printer, I found a colour laser printer that seemed to like all the template paper. Still, the Jewelboxing system gave me the kind of control I have always wanted for designing my movie cases. My next Memorial Day project has already begun pre-production, and though there are a lot of things still yet to be done on it, one thing I don’t have to worry about is what cases I’ll be using for the DVDs.”

We’re reserving the first doses of our anti-zombie stockpile for the fine people of Atlanta, New York, Tarzana, Columbus, Fort Washington, Falls Church, Corona, Waldorf, Victorville, Rutland, Slippery Rock, Chicago, Santa Monica, Wilsonville, Hacienda Heights, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Absecon, Remscheid, Westport, Canyon Country, Portland, Omaha, Piper City, St. Louis, West Lafayette, Watkinsville, Gross Pointe Park, and Mentor.

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