Over There

While the majority of the Jewelboxing packs we’ve sold have gone to buyers in the US and Canada, we’ve certainly gotten a healthy share of orders from outside our North America. A few of these customers abroad, over this past year, have talked with us about the expense of shipping a Jewelboxing kit internationally, wondering if it’s worth it to pay those extra few bucks to get it shipped so very far away. Well, to that we say: of course!

Here’s why:

Cheaper methods can take upwards of eight weeks to deliver and sometimes the stuff doesn’t even arrive at all or arrives all bashed up. We’re using the cheapest way to get product delivered in a reasonable time (usually 4-7 days) and track it on the way. Spend a couple of extra bucks on Jewelboxing and you’ll receive the goods long before you’ve forgotten you ordered them.

And what difference are those extra bucks anyway? With the US Dollar falling further in value nearly every day, for the international customer, Jewelboxing keeps getting more and more affordable. What’s bad for the buck is a big plus for Jewelboxing enthusiast abroad. So order today, foreign friends, and you’ll be saving time, headaches, and you’ll be giving us a few extra dollars — ones we’ll soon need wheelbarrows full of, so long as those geniuses over in Washington keep it up.

Thanks to those who know the value of a few well-spent dollars in Germantown, Mountain View, Aurora, Auckland, Downers Grove, Miami, New York, Gilbert, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Arlington, Astoria, London, Kirkland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, West Jordan, Washington, Kansas City, Mystic, Salem, Belleek, Saddle Brook, Hoffman Estates, Anchorage, Lachine, Mexico City, Toowoomba, Brightin, Lexington, and Seattle.

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