Package Two and Call Us in the Morning

As we ship Jewelboxing all over the world, it’s not unusual to find links in our referral logs coming in from sites written in other languages. Despite our years of collective foreign language education experience throughout high school and college, we’re all pretty lousy at anything but English (and even that ain’t so hot at times). So we’ll often fall back on the easy solution by translating these sites using some service like Google or Bablefish. Their translating has gotten better over the years, for sure, but it still requires some time in trying to figure out exactly what’s being talked about. What’s more, you often find yourself reading something unintentionally funny, like this post we found on the site Criterion. It’s about a new DVD set of motion graphics they’d released called Spain in Motion(which looks terrific). Although they didn’t use Jewelboxing to package it in, they wrote that they wished that they had. Here’s that bit in translated form:

“Similarly, versions of the videos with a highresolution ultra edition had been the bomb. Perhaps a future blu.ray, who knows…I would have liked a “packaging” more beautiful, as Jewelboxing [in], but that would have urged the product with complete safety.”

While we’re sure that’s not at all what was originally written in Spanish, we’re certainly happy to accept that unexpected and previously unheard compliment, that Jewelboxing is a “product with complete safety.” And now that we can quote someone as having said it, we can start a new ad campaign with dubious medical claims. Any doctors out there who are willing to lend their name to the statement “Jewelboxing is good for your ‘T-Zone’?”

Thanks to Criterion for linking our way and allowing us to misinterpret their words. And here’s to hoping that the number under the “days without injury” sign is in the high three digits in San Francisco, Belmont, London, Winnipeg, Portland, Spingfield, St. Louis, Santa Cruz, Oxford, Chicago, Weimar, New York City, Zachary, Edison, Manchester, Seattle, and Woodside.

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