Places in the Heart

Bob Phillips won the Photoforums ‘Summer Fun’ contest and a Jewelboxing 40pack with this shot from Fort Myers. There’s a new contest up at PF now so get snapping.

Off on a road trip with the family in a couple days so I better make a serious effort to catch up on our list of cities where “the smart people live.” Here goes nothing. Santa Monica, Hamburg, Dubai, Babylon, Sebastopol, Somerset, Provo, Compton, Olathe, Portland, North Yorkshire, Virginia Beach, Glendale, Orlando, Chicago, Raleigh, North Canton, Rochester, Brookeville, Philadelphia, Bountiful, Roseville, Eureka, NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Napa, Minneapolis, Penticton, Rockwall, Brooklyn, Seattle, Athens, Alexandria, Dallas, Pacific Palisades and Fresno.