Pressed Promotion

We have put a lot of effort into trying to make the Jewelboxing system a breeze to use, from our design templates to the pre-perforated paper., but we have to say that we love it when users go off on their own directions and make things more complicated. Such is the case with designer James Mabery, who, while creating his portfolio using our King cases, very well could have just laid out his logo in Illustrator or Photoshop and quickly sent it on its way through his printer — instead, he decided to hand print each case with a carved block. To that we say bravo. Here’s from James:

“I’m currently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design double majoring in Motion Graphics and Animation. At SCAD, I’m a sophomore and interning as a motion designer at Blue Sky Agency in downtown Atlanta, working on a vast assortment of great projects.”

“The work I have in my promotional package is a wide range including print, motion, and web design, and a lot of it is experimental or conceptual, which allowed me to flow freely and somewhat reckless.”

“The disc packaging that I designed and spent many hours on was assembled with the easy-to-use templates provided by Jewelboxing. The look of the overall design was hand-rendered type formed into an organic mass of lines and textures. I hand carved a block of my ‘Everyday’ identifier that was printed on the DVD case’s paper inserts. It was my first time to ever try the printed and carved technique, but it really worked with the overall style in the end. To help get my work seen, the Jewelboxing was a perfect fit for my budget. The quality of the case compliments my work and greatly enhances the image of myself as a professional designer at the same time.”

Thanks to James for sharing his great work with us, and here’s to hoping that the ink is landing in all the right spots in Sydney, Helensburgh, Ann Arbor, Ellenton, Celbridge, Manchester, Amsterdam, Tralee, Glasgow, Rozelle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Hollywood, Clinton, Mexico City, San Francisco, Bedford, Boca Raton, New York, Culver City, Santa Monica, London, and Greenville.