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Jewelboxing Paper

Our remaining supply of paper is from various print runs, and may vary slightly in brightness and texture, though this shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. Limited quantities are available. “Kit” packs, King Trayliners, and disc labels are no longer available.

100 King (DVD) Booklets:
$69 $29 USD

For SJB DVD-size 4-page cover booklets, not the tray insert!
Tray inserts are permanently sold out.

Standard (CD) Paper Pack:
$39 $29 USD

For SJB CD-size cases only
36 Booklets, 36 Trayliners, 36 Disc Labels

100 Standard (CD) Booklets:
$69 $39 USD

For SJB CD-size cases only

100 Standard (CD) Trayliners:
$39 $29 USD

For SJB CD-size cases only
50 Sheets, 2 trayliners per sheet

Cardboard Mailer with Foam Squares

Cardboard is the strongest, most durable substance known to man. While we can’t back that up scientifically or anything, or experience has shown that these case-sized cardboard mailers can withstand pretty much anything short of being run over by a 747. We also include foam squares for a little extra padding.

Shrink Sleeves

Sliding these over a case, then using a blow-dryer to shrink wrap it not only gives your work a real pro look, it also helps to heighten the recipient’s excitement — by the time they’ve torn away the last bit of plastic, they’ll be desperate to pop in the disc.

Disc Label Applicator

You’ll spend so much time designing all the ins and outs of the case. So why go ruin the whole experience by having a clumsy, off-center label attached to your disc. Get this and you’ll have perfect alignment every time.