Relaxing in the Bath After a Long Day

I have a pretty hectic lifestyle. I work full time for a very busy law firm, and I am raising three children along with my husband. My husband’s work is even more demanding than mine, so I take care of the kids for the most part throughout the week. When he gets home and after dinner, he always gives me at least 45 minutes to just unwind and relax. I do this with the help of Waterlilies and Company because I often find myself taking a nice long bath during this time.

I buy all of my bath supplies from this company that sells all natural products. I have a garden tub in my private bath, and I enjoy using the bombs, salts and bath milk that I buy from this company. There are so many different scents, but my favorite is the Lemongrass one that I use at least three times a week. I don’t always use a bath bomb though because their salts and milks are just as pleasing to me. I love to just relax in the tub, have my music going, perhaps a couple of candles lit, and just lose myself in the moment.

When I am done with the bath, I will use the skincare products that I get from Waterlilies and Company. I like their regular body and face lotions, and then I spoil myself with face masks as well. I even buy a lot of my makeup from Waterlilies, but I rarely put any on after I am done with my bath. That is the time where I just like to relax with my husband and children, and they certainly don’t need me all gussied up for that. I save that part for the mornings, when I am getting ready to start another day. I really do love my life!

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