Score Big, Score :30

Unless you’re involved in production or the music industry, it’s often very easy to let the importance of a good piece of accompanying music slip by. For composers everywhere, the humble truth of the matter is that this blending in means your work has been successful. It’s when a track doesn’t work when the audience starts to really take notice.

We bring this music talk up for a reason. See, for the past couple of months, whenever we’d have a second or two, we’ve been working on this simple animated commercial for Jewelboxing to be used in the product samples we send out, for web promotion, and whatever else we see fit. Now that we’re nearing the end of the visual process, we’re at the point when we’re starting to think about scoring and sound effects. We like that part, but there’s a lot of room for error, such as with these:

Those bits of audio-visual travesty behind us, we thought it might be fun to open up the whole audio end to the outside world, to see if anyone with some terrific musical ability might be willing to compose something for us, for this little Jewelboxing spot. We’d exchange music for product, of course, but also keep in mind that the samples we send out go to some of the best and biggest ad firms, directors, production groups, record labels, etc. That’s some nice exposure.

If you think you’re up to the task, download this Quicktime draft of the animation and see what you can do with it. When you’re finished up, send along an mp3 of your work to steve at jewelboxing dot com. We’ll give you until May 15th. Oh and by the way, unless you’re Thom Yorke, there’s really no reason to send us a note about how cool it would be for us to use a Radiohead song in the mix.

Next week: Voiceovers.

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