Segura On Display

Carlos Segura is probably a name you’re familiar with. Whether it’s from the work of his influential design firm, Segura Inc., just down the street from us here into Chicago, or from one of the successful other projects he’s created, like T-26, a digital type foundry, or 5inch, an online store that sells amazing, predesigned blank CDRs and DVDs. If you’re a Corbis customer, there’s a good chance you’re all the more familiar with his work from this year’s awe-inspiring, gigantic, poster-sized catalog called “Crop,” to collateral material like mugs and calendars, to some of the coolest promo posters you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And to continue this unending streak of fantastic work for the stock company, Segura has assembled a design, using Jewelboxing, to showcase Corbis’ Digital Gallery collection. In his own words, describing the product: “This limited usage collection from Corbis is specific to licensing for displays on flat screen TVs in lobbies, offices, stores, homes or any other digital display.” Really cool, without a doubt, and we’re happy to be a part of it all (on the casing side at least).

We think Carlos’ Corbis disc demands optimal viewing, so were standing in line at 4am on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving so we could buy 60″ plasma tvs for everyone in Los Angeles, Via del Mar, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Arlington Heights, Denver, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Alhambra, Malibu, Culver City, San Diego, Mount Juliet, Stow, Sanford, Hoover, Oklahoma City, Lakslev, Norfolk, Verona, Nicholasville, Seattle, Chaska, Greenville, Houston, Franklin, San Lorenzo, Minneapolis, Nazareth, and Abilene.

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