Slightly Colder Than Even Chicago

We absolutely love it when we get a letter like this one sent in recently by Sini Salminen, Art Director at Supernova Design & Advertising in Anchorage, Alasksa. Not only is her project, “Asveq – The Walrus Hunt,” interesting and incredibly unique, but she also provided the icing on the cake by packaging it all with Jewelboxing. Sini tells us…

” I just finished my first Jewelbox DVD cover. I made this for a client of mine, Alaska Native Heritage Center. They love it and are telling me that they get great feedback on the cover. Thought I’d let you guys know.

The short documentary presents how traditional Inuit dances are being preserved and created, and is climaxed by a performance of Asveq – The Walrus Hunt, a song and dance written by Stephen Blanchett fusing Inupiaq melody and dancing styles with Yup’ik lyrics.

This film shows the unwillingness of Alaska Native youth to lose their culture, and the ability to continue creating drum dances in the traditional way.”

We’d be more than happy to make an enlightening documentary about our new pals in Burbank, New York, Aurora, Auvernier, Portland, Plano, Toronto, Scotch Plains, Rotherham, Auckland, Pierrefonds, Mountain View, Rockford, Chicago, and Berlin.