Smooth Moves

Is there any job cooler than that of a steadicam operator? If so, we haven’t heard of it. Add “cinematographer” as a co-title in there and you’ve got about the best job in the world, in our books at least. So while we’re always happy to hear from Jewelboxing users, we were particularly giddy when we got to talk to Ed Moore, who is both an extremely gifted cinematographer and a talented steadicam operator who travels all over the UK and across the world. We found that he was packaging both his latest reels using Jewelboxing so we dropped him a line and asked him why he decided to go with our cases:

“As a cinematographer and steadicam operator, I want my prospective clients to associate me with super smooth imagery and presentation right from the first thing that crosses their desk. With so many great cinematographers out there, I wanted to make sure my reel stood out enough to get straight to client’s DVD players. Jewelboxing’s superb templates and insanely-accurate paper parts make it almost embarrassingly easy (don’t tell my rivals!) to produce on-spec DVDs that look and feel like a million dollars.”

“Before finding Jewelboxing, I got a print house in the UK to price me up the trendy ‘digipak’ packaging. For the quantities I needed (under 100), they wanted anything from £4 to £8 per item. With Jewelboxing, I get the same quality for a fraction of the price, plus it’s simple to customize each one I print for the recipient, if I really want to add a personal touch. My only regret is that I’ve never thought of something appropriate and cool enough to put into the spine…”

Thanks very much to Ed for sharing with us and here’s to hoping there’s lots of people out there with professions we can live vicariously through in Chester, New York, Calgary, Oakland, Santa Monica, Cincinnati, Albany, Chicago, Elk Grove Village, Anaheim, Stillwater, Eyota, Davis, San Ramon, Newton, Sartell, Camberley, Lemon Grove, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Solana Beach, Cambridge Springs, and Providence.

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