“Something of Substance”

When it comes to photography, Toronto-based Jessica Blaine is a jack of all trades, master of all. When not expertly and creatively shooting events and portraits, she runs an online shop where she sells prints she’s made from shots she’s taken with her Holga, operates a studio in one of the creative hearts of the city, and diligently chronicles her work and life on her blog. It would be enough just knowing that there’s cool people like Jessica out there doing great work, but we get the extra perk of being able to help her out of the packaging side, being as she’s long been a Jewelboxing user. She was very kind in dropping us a note about her work, as well as her experiences using our cases. Here’s from Jessica:

“I am a full-time photographer located in Toronto, Canada who has been shooting professionally for eight years. I photograph all things people, whether it be weddings, babies, families, corporate events or editorial for magazines. I love photographing people and cannot imagine doing anything else in my life. Nothing beats seeing the expression on my clients’ faces when they receive their images knowing that I captured all of the special little moments for them. As photographers we have an important job as we document all of the milestones in others’ lives.”

“One of my favourite vendors that I have worked with throughout my career is Jewelboxing. Often the only product that my clients receive from me is a disc with images and I wanted to make sure that when I give it to them that it is something of substance. I looked everywhere for the perfect product before I found Jewelboxing. I love the customization that I am able to do with every disc case that I print. I also love that as I photograph the same family over time they begin to have a collection of my matching discs on their shelf.”

Thanks a million to Jessica for being a customer and for sharing her story with us. And here’s to hoping there’s lots more great work going on in Vancouver, Bedford, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Roseville, Portland, New York, Oceanside, Alameda, Crownsville, Bethel, Appleton, Fayetteville, Kerhonkson, West Hollywood, Washington DC, Miami, South Pasadena, Bude, Kilkeel, Bryan, the Bronx, St. Paul, Toronto, and Grand Rapids.