Studying the Case Studies

Last Summer, we received this package from the amazing motion graphics firm, Impactist, which included their beautiful, Jewelboxing-packaged reel and some additional promo material. It was so impressive, such a love at first sight type of thing, that we knew we had to do something more involved with our post about their work on the blog. And so the Jewelboxing Case Study was born. We put together a batch of questions for the Impactist’s talented co-founder Daniel Ewing, largely about the firm’s creative process, their side projects, how they got started, and some info about why they decided to go with our System to package their reel. It was a great experience and turned out to be a terrific read. And we wanted more.

So since then, we’ve had the chance to talk with Chris Glass, of the famous, defy-all-odds, internet radio station,, about packaging souvenir discs for the bands who stop by to play live sets at their studio. We’ve interviewed Rafael Macho, a freelance motion graphics designer whose international broadcast and film work you’ve definitely seen and have been repeatedly blown away by. A couple of months later, we talked with Chevon Hicks, founder of the really cool shop, Heavenspot Studios, creator of interactive sites for big films like the upcoming “Tenacious D” feature and little indies like the site for “The Aristocrats.” For Case Study 5, we had the pleasure of interviewing Limore Shur, the Creative Director and Owner of the awe-inspiring, motion graphics firm EyeballNYC. Later, we spent time with Craig Tozzi, founder of another motion graphics agency we’re all big, big fans of: Venice-based twothousandstrong. And for our latest, we had a fantastc discussion with Ernesto Rinaldi, the founder and head honcho at the Florida-based design firm, 451, which specializes in amazing work for both North and South American audiences.

All in all, it’s been an amazing series of features and we’re all set to keep them coming. In the interim, if you or your firm happen to have something you think might make a terrific interview, drop us a line. We’re always thrilled to see what kinds of interesting things people are doing with the System.

We’re also always thrilled when we hear from the people in Littlestown, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Boston, Venice, San Jose, Brighton, Edmonton, Sheridan, Minneapolis, Victorville, Santa Cruz, Redhill, Seattle, Forest Park, Chicago, Frisco, Winnipeg, Toronto, Portland, Burbank, Hoboken, Elmont, London, Mountain View, Riverside, Lombard, Honolulu, Boulder, Helsinki, Salinas, and Covington.