What Is He Doing?!

We get excited about gadgets but not just the latest cell-phone or Tivo or GPS system. We really dig mechanical gadgets, like that machine that counts twenties at the bank and our new Jewelboxing gadget, the Airplus machine. Oooooh.

Dawson was kind enough to demonstrate it and we brought in the Junior Jewelboxing Team (Grace, 6 and Spencer, 4 “And 3/4!”) to evaluate the greatest thing since the Cotton Gin. Check out the results in this short video. [speakers on]

In the past, we’d been using that staple of the packaging and shipping industry: peanuts. Along with palates of boxes and big rolls of shrink and bubble wrap, every month we’d get in a huge batch of these eight foot tall bags of peanuts. We’d scoop them into each shipment that was headed out, piles and piles of them. And then when customers would receive them, they’d get their cases in safely, but they’d also have a mountain of these shipping peanuts to deal with. Yech. No more thankfully.

If there’s a line to see the new Airplus machine, the first people we’ll let in to see it will be from Miami, New York, Burbank, Duarte, Cincinnati, Washington, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Chatsworth, London, Houston, Los Angeles, Delray Beach, Reno, Copenhagen, Richmond, Canton, and Bradford.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog, Team