Taste and Discrimination

Here’s what Dan Jewelboxed for the holidays. We’re not sure what all these other people Jewelboxed, but given their taste and discrimination we expect it was something beautiful, in Rapid River, Holmes Chapel, Stone Mountain, Indianapolis, Ottawa, Regina, Decatur, Encinitas, Emerald Hills, Lansdale, North Hills, Plano, Rockford, Fredericksburg, Granger, Sandim, NYC, Montclairm, Columbus, Diest, Costa Mesa, Newbury Park, St. Agatha, St. Augustine, Watertown, Salt Lake City, St. Agatha, Mill Valley, Edmonton., Santa Barbara, Brooklyn, Easthampton, Anaheim, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Holly Springs, Athens, Council Bluffs, Canton, Urbana, Knoxville, Honeoye Falls, Huber Heights, Sacramento, Jefferson City, Palatine, Clifton, DC, LA, Gilroy, Warrendale, Slidell, Carlstadt, Houston, Hatboro, Old Hickory, West Hollywood, Seattle, London, Louisville, Pineville, Chicago, La Jolla, Orchard Park, Mequon, Redmond, San Francisco, Scarborough, Downers Grove, Orlando, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Plantation, Palo Alto, Toronto, Acworth and Fairfield.

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