The 2005 Olympics in Seattle

‘Round Jewelboxing HQ, we’re always happy to catch wind of a cool project someone has decided to package using the system.Today was one of those days, as we received an e-mail from Jason Reid, a filmmaker from Seattle who has a bunch of said cool projects going on, most notably, the new film, “The Reid/Secrest Olympics.” The DVD release party was held on September 30th and turned out to be very successful. And because Jason has some great things to say about using Jewelboxing, including that his Canon Ip4000 printer did a perfecto job, and that we’re a fan of what he put together, we thought we’d volley back the niceness and give some info about his film:

“The Reid/Secrest Olympics is a 40-minute comedy, directed by Jason Reid. It tells the story of two lifelong friends turned fierce rivals, who decide to have a five-event “Olympic” competition to decide once and for all who is the better man. The film was finished in 2003 and premiered to a sellout crowd at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Following this event, the film was shown three times at the University of Washington before being accepted into the New York Independent Film and Video Festival (where it screened in both New York and Los Angeles).Since then, Jason Reid and editor Colin White have slowly been working on finishing the DVD, complete with over an hour of extra features. Among the bonus materials, the DVD will include a 30-minute companion piece to the movie titled The Olympics: The Untold Story , as well as a comical 10-minute short documenting the main character’s promotional tour in support of the film.”

Sounds like a sure-fire hit to us. Do yourself a favor and, when they’re available here in the next little while, buy a copy at the film’s site. And while you’re at it, why not pick up a few extras for the swell people in San Anselmo, Chislehurst, Bodoe, Acton, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Irvine, Venice, and Statesboro.