The Photoset We’re Proudest Of

This happened to us once before, where we were poking around the internet and wound up on Flickr, doing a search for any “Jewelboxing” tags that might be out there. Last time we found the terrific Iowa-based photographer Bradley Spitzer, who had used our cases to put together a sampling of his fantastic work for musician Alli Rogers. This time around, we were very pleasantly surprised to find a couple of more tags up there (which we’d like to think says something about our little product, because, really how often are people sticking up photos of those bland “regular” cases?).

First we found the wonderfully talented Rachel James who’s been using Jewelboxing to “satisfy [her] need to be creative and to stand out from most photographers in the Netherlands.” She’d posted a couple of photos of one such project she’d put together for a couple named Harry and Ingrid who were married back in May. Assembled using the Photoshop brushes by Jason Gaylor, like her photo work, the case is a thing of absolute beauty.

The second tagged group we found was by another photographer (no surprise there, being as it was Flickr), Dan LaMee. He had this collection of photos of a shared mix disc he’d made entitled “Manhattan Skyline on a Sub-Freezing Day in December,” featuring said skyline and one of those cool Verbatim vinyl-looking discs instead of the printable ones we include in the kits. We did a little more research and tracked down another project Dan had put together last year; another mix, with another vinyl disc, but this time focused squarely on Valentine’s Day.

The running theme for these great happened-upon finds? They look fantastic. And although we’re 99.999% sure the reason they look so fantastic is due to the all of Dan’s and Rachel’s talents, we’d like to use that .001% and say that Jewelboxing helped highlight their skills.

And we’re hoping that .001% is helping everyone out right now in New York, Princeton, Durham, Chicago, Louisville, Newark, Seattle, Phoenix, Washington DC, Miami, Salinas, Salt Lake City, Baton Rouge, Sunnyvale, Sheridan, Calgary, New Albany, Champaign, Timonium, Plano, Atlanta, London, San Francisco, New Haven, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Pasadena, and Oakland.

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