The Sweet Fruits of Capitalism


Occasionally we discover cool things about creating and running an online business that we could never have anticipated. We knew it would be fun to provide people with the tools to make cool stuff and that it would be interesting to watch the word get around and to ship to a zillion places and to have the business become an increasingly important part of what Coudal Partnersis all about. We knew, most of all, that we’d learn about a lot of things. All that is good.

But nobody ever told us that when we ordered a certain amount of packing materials from our supplier they would send us, FREE OF CHARGE, a totally-cool super-patriotic hardhat that we could make our intern Ryan wear while sitting in a big plastic trash can. Ah, the sweet fruits of capitalism.Thanks Nashville, Cincinnati, Portland, Duluth, Succasunna, Worcester, Seattle, Beverly Hills, Carbondale, Palo Alto, Fremont, Grand Rapids, Danvers, NYC, Quebec, Minneapolis, Calgary, Duluth, Geelong West and Toronto for making all this possible.