The Why’s and How’s of How-To

We’ve been wanting to make this tutorial video for Jewelboxingfor a while now. Sure, we have a lot written up about all the pieces the make up the system and how people use the system. But it’s one thing to read through how something works, or even just browse through photos. It’s another thing entirely, something much more clear and concise, when you can actually show each and every moment of a process. We thought it might help newcomers to the site understand what the system is all about, and for those who’ve just ordered, to give them a little heads up on how easy the whole thing is going to be. And that’s why we wanted to make a video.

So on Friday of last week, we sat down and figured out just how to go about it. We decided to set up on Dawson’s desk because, unlike most of ours, his is usually clean. Unfortunately, we ran into a snag early on, as the two tripods we tried out couldn’t seem to raise the camera up high enough to really get the perfect view, the view that a Jewelboxing user would see when putting together their own case. We were stumped for a minute until we remembered the gigantic ladder we have in the storage room. “You want to make a jib?” somebody asked. So we made a shaky, but entirely useable jib and it gave us a terrific bird’s eye view of the desk. We opened the windows up, letting in a bunch of light, and then set Dawson to work in putting together a copy of our King Case sample, narrating all the while.

We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and really hope it provides some good use to someone out there. But hey, if anything, we got to have a lot of fun building something on a Friday afternoon, and we didn’t even break the camera. Imagine that.

Almost postive that they’ve already made dozens of attractive cases in Lancaster, Alhambra, Huntington Station, New York, Rocklin, Preverenges, Remscheid, Columbia, Ft. Myers, Albuquerque, Watt, Scarborough, Toronto, Warrenville, Ladera Ranch, Antwerp, Aveiro, San Diego, Burr Ridge, Chesterfield, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Santa Monica, Washington, Long Beach, Stone Mountain, Hove, Hamburg, Dorking, and Louisville.

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