They Call Me the Seeker…

Headcoats off! (Remove your Deerstalker.) We have some winners in the Jewelboxing/Coudal Fresh Signals Archives Scavenger Hunt Or Whatever We’ve Been Calling It. Competition was fierce, per usual, and the questions were as difficult and cryptic as ever, but four diligent snoopers waded through our mess of an archive to correctly solve all eight of our brain-scratchers.

Following a few blatantly wrong and funny entries (probably a cry for attention, or a Jewelboxing discount, or both) the first two winners came early. They were followed by a flurry of entries with one or two incorrect answers, then a day or so without an entry, then another flurry of entries with one or two incorrect answers. Then there were some shenanigans, and we bent the rules a bit and closed entries. The winners, and their stories:

First Prize (100pack Kings) goes to Shawn Kelley, who mailed in his correct answers about an hour after we emailed the questions. Sean won another of our contests recently, which forces us to announce a “Shawn Kelley Rule” for future contests (Coudal/Jewelboxing contest winners are heretofore ineligible to win other Coudal/Jewelboxing contests). But we appreciate your selfless dedication to Jewelboxing, Shawn, and your detailed explanation of your answers which we shall pillage below.

Second Prize (40pack Kings) goes to another Sean, albeit one preferring the gaelic spelling. We speak, of course, of Sean Sheridan, a night-owl who e-mailed his entry shortly after midnight the first day.

Third Prize (20pack Kings) was a tie. Jamie McCarthy got her entry in early, but alas, missed #7. A couple days later, she realized her mistake and corrected herself, just as Robyn Paton sent in her entry. Robyn also got one question wrong, (#4) but her masterful Jewelboxing-suck-up incorrect answer (below) convinced us she deserved to share the third prize with Jamie. Since we don’t make a 10-pack, they’ll each get a 20-pack.

Enough already, Our questions, Shawn’s answers, (and the original Fresh Signals entries where they were found).

We once cited three fictional recording artists in a Fresh Signals entry. Which one, as it turns out, is real?
Middle Earth. (Behold the Rocklopedia Fakebandica.

If you’re going to add a red tube-top and cowboy boots to a famous naked image of classical beauty, you should add them to a painting by whom?
Ingres. (Famous nudes, now clothed, at Worth1000. -05.27.04.jc)

One day Bryan and a pal built a mini-version of an arena-rock lighting effect for fun. What band had three songs on the playlist the guys used to put this effect in motion?
Led Zeppelin (Our homemade Laser Light Show.

What is the best paper for printing your curriculum vitae?
100% Cotton Fiber 32 lb. Ivory Premium Bond Paper (Non-Expert advice on writing your resumé.

Note: Robyn’s answer: “This is a toss up. It could be any of the marvelous stationers… you’ve featured in Fresh Signals over the years, but really, if you want to get the job, I’d do the whole application (CV and prettiness, plus a little but of hip thrown in for good measure) with the Jewelboxing system, so the printing, of course, would be on your lovely inserts.” Then she cited the Fresh Signals post about us hiring Ryan because he sent his resume in a Jewelboxing case).

Chicagoans love their meat and when we order lunch here at the studio, you can bet that it will contain plenty of beef and meatballs. For lunch orders weighing in at more than 25lbs, CP’s fave lunch spot charges us how much extra for the hefty delivery?
$5 (Office fave Bari.

What should Phillip tell the people whose design talent he fears?
That he forgot the url. (Phillip has a slight problem with Jewelboxing. -06.07.04.cp)

Dave and Bryan had an ongoing obsession with a low-budget movie (neither of us have seen it, still) about the hunt for a fictional synthesizer. What was the name of the synthesizer?
MoleTron. (Weird trailer for new indie film Southlander. -02.21.01.dr)

Name the two Finnish shops that had their windows redesigned as part of a design workshop.
Cafe Visual and Maustemesta spiceshop. (“Re-design the lettering so that the shop would sell more. -10.18.02.jc)

Well done, all, and several of you were just one question away from winning, so pat yourselves on the back. No, really, do it. We’re not going anywhere until you literally and physically pat yourselves on the back. There, was that so hard? Thank you. If you weren’t hip to this contest, it’s because you didn’t join our Infrequent Mailing list, sign up on the front page of Jewelboxingor Coudal today! Please don’t forget that the Fresh Signals archives are always open for your browsing pleasure.

We have lots of cities to be thankful for today. Here’s a few of them. St. Louis, Seattle, Mount Airy, Culver City, Chicago, Lafayette Hill, Dallas, Kirkwood, Puyallup, LA, Brooklyn, Playa Del Rey, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, NYC, Worcester, Toronto, Delmar, Newburgh, Vancouver, Victoria and Mexico City.