Three Apples A Day

Alex of o2 Creative Solutions writes, “We are in the process of developing packaging for a six disk set with a short booklet. I was wondering if you offered any multiple disks solutions?”

This issue has come up a few times and while we don’t offer a single package that can handle that many discs we do have a couple ideas. First off, our King cases handle two discs beautifully. More than two discs involved? Coincidentally we’re dealing with a similar assignment on a client project that we can’t talk about. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s say that a band named ‘Eve’ has asked us to design a package for a three CD album. One solution might be to use a single image spread across the spines of all three cases. When they’re stacked or shelved next to each other, they display a nice unified look from the side. The next step would be to spec out a custom, cardboard sleeve to hold all three cases (basically a folded rectangle glued to itself) and then repeat that same image on the side panel of that. Voila. If you need the specific dimensions for the sleeve, or have another solution you’d like to share, just drop us a line.

Our gratitude never ends and neither does our feeble attempt to get caught up on these. Here’s to all our pals in San Francisco, NYC, Gilbert, Lake Oswego, Washington, Scottsdale, Seattle, Canton, Fernandina Beach, Keller, Edmonton, Philadelphia, San Angelo, Rochester, West Hollywood, Malibu, Mount Laurel and Port Royal.

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