‘Tis the Season for Another Great Mix Disc Idea

We had our Coudal Partners/Jewelboxing holiday party last week and while it was a lot of fun, it’s difficult for any party to compete with the one put together by Ascent Stage’s John Tolva. Just reading about the whole thing makes you think, “I’ve got to befriend this guy as soon as possible so I get an invite next year.” There was a photo booth, homemade hard cider, an open DJ table for anyone to try their hands at, and even a multi-room train set. And then he went the extra mile and made us happy by incorporating Jewelboxing into the whole bacchanalia. Like last year, when he used Tic Tacs in the case spines (an idea we borrowed to put to use for our Holidisc packages), he once again made mix discs for every attendee. But this time around, he had a whole new idea:

“This year I searched high and low for glow sticks that were the proper size for the hinge chamber. My idea was to have red and green glowing CDs. Turns out glow sticks are made in a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes for everything from costumes to golf balls to fishing lures. This last category — called Lunker Lights — was the perfect size for the chamber. The effect was stunning — though it only lasted for about 8 hours. Rave on!”

Here’s to hoping that the holidays are just as bright for all those in London, Ferguson, Austin, Sydney, Santiago, Frankfurt, Little Elm, Naples, Schamburg, Saint George, Miami, Ventura, Boston, Yonkers, Sarasota, Sherman Oaks, Marcola, Fall River, Brattleboro, Fallbrook, Greenfield, Hollywood, Seattle, Fort Washington, Mount Vernon, Surrey, and Charlotte.

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