‘Tis the Season for Seasons Past

With the holiday season ramping up and snow soon to be on its way, we’ve been in that contemplative mood that comes with family get togethers, shorter days, and knowing that most of the next half-dozen months will be spent indoors. That said, it seems like the perfect season to finally start sorting through all those boxes of miscellaneous photos, letters, and mementos tucked away in the basement or various drawers.

It seemed somehow fortuitous that we ran across this post from 2005 over at Ask Metafilter about what people do with their collections of old memories. Bringing it full circle is that someone recommended taking the time to scan these important pieces of your life and sticking it all onto discs, then going that extra mile by nicely packaging it using Jewelboxing. We’d seen this general idea put to great use in previous posts like with Andrew Huff’s collection of his grandfather’s audio interviews, Sujay Thomas’ graduation discs, and Brendan Dawes’ birthday memories. But to do a personal collection of your miscellaneous stuff, all searchable and safely tucked away in ones and zeros, that sounds fantastic. And while all that sorting sounds like a lot of work, it’s the sort of thing that gets fun and interesting once you start doing it, taking it all in with eyes a little older and memories a touch fonder.

Here’s to hoping there are lots of new memories being made that are worth preserving in your neck of the woods, as well as in Baltimore, Grand Rapids, Durham, Philadelphia, Leander, Lowell, Los Angeles, Kenton, Napa, Atlanta, Houston, Cardiff, Lakewood, Titusville, Livermore, San Louis Obispo, New York, Bellevue, Grand Forks, and Raleigh.