Un Cas de L’Amour

We were understandably thrilled when we got this letter from Robert Pennino, who put together a Valentine’s gift using the Jewelboxing system. After all, it’s one thing to impress a client — it’s something all together more important when l’amour is involved.

“Thank you for your great product. I just finished this personal project. I created a DVD with all the best pictures of my girlfriend and I since we’ve been together. It’s called ‘Three Years And A Half,’ because, obviously, we have been together for that long. The theme for the packaging was nature and purity. Inside, I added leftover shavings from a pencil that I had sharpened. Anyway, when I surprised her with the DVD, she really loved it. It’s much more interesting than a cheesy ‘I love you’ card.”

Our hearts race and our knees get wobbly when we think of those in Chicago, Greensboro, Salt Lake City, Bozeman, Redding, Grand Ledge, San Antonio, Greenville, Montreal, and San Francisco.