Unabashed Hedonism, Really Cool Design

When poking around on Technorati one day, looking to see if we could find out if someone was talking about using Jewelboxing in some interesting project, we ran across Squad Studios. Although the mention was vague (“We are thrilled to be using new jewel boxes for this project”), based off the work showcased on their site, and a client list with everyone from Madonna to Warner Brothers, we knew whatever it was would be cool.

And right we were. The gang at Squad chatted with us and filled us in that they had been hired to help get the word out about this year’s AKA Rally, a seven day auto rally from Philadelphia to Key West.Featuring over one hundred high performance cars and huge parties at each stop, the AKA is one huge, adrenaline-fueled orgy of fun. The rally has grown significantly over the past few years, thanks to terrific publicity, from coverage in car culture magazines to features by giant mainstream outlets like MTV.

To further heighten the excitement about this year’s AKA, and to help win over new sponsors, Jordan, Andy, Dan, Phil, and the rest of the team at Squad, were given the task to put out a DVD filled with info about the rally, footage from previous years, and contact information. Beautifully designed from inside and out, with repeating logo and city names plastered everywhere in all their two color glory, their finished product is undeniably attractive; a sight to be seen. Packaged using Jewelboxing made it all the sweeter. And apparently, even though they had to assemble hundreds of these cases, they were still thrilled enough to take a batch of photos of the process:

(click for a directory of images)

If we owned flashy cars and were entered in the AKA, you bet we’d want our driving partners to be from Long Beach, Boston, Chicago, St. Clair Shores, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Franklin, Schamburg, Tulsa, Irvine, Mill Valley, Clerkenwell, Columbus, Wenham, and Port Townsend.