We love seeing a young designer who just gets it and Liam Vasey definitely fits into that category. Not only is his work clever and confident, not plagued with heavy handed tricks or overcompensation for having just recently graduated, but he also understands the importance of getting out there and immediately impressing anyone and everyone who receives his great self-promo portfolio kit. Entitled “Liam Vasey Creates Design + Motion Graphics Under the Alias halfPlane and There is Nothing You Can Do to Stop Him,” it’s a handsome, bound book that shows off Liam’s work in print while a disc, beautifully packaged in one of our King cases, highlights his motion and web work. It’s a fantastic package, we’re sure he’ll be swimming in work because of it, and we feel very fortunate that he chose us to be a part of it. Here’s from Liam:

“I’m a 23-year old designer from Alberta, Canada. After graduation, I knew right away that I wanted to work as a freelancer and that I needed to shatter any notions potential clients might have that my age and relative inexperience could prevent me from creating memorable work. Using the Jewelboxing system, I created a tongue-in-cheek DVD presentation of my portfolio work and an accompanying book that suited this requirement perfectly (mixing vintage 70’s-era colours with modern, stark typography throughout to parallel my passion for a wide range of design). Using the system was amazingly easy and allowed me to custom die-cut and pattern each case uniquely, something that — as a designer just starting out with a limited budget — would’ve been out of reach normally.”

Thanks again to Liam for sharing his work with us and here’s to hoping there’s some great promotion of selves in Rockford, Sarasota, New York, Venice, Chestertown, Long Island City, Champaign, Dallas, St. Louis, Santa Monica, Boston, Fair Lawn, Springfield, San Diego, Sausalito, Ottawa, Highland, Bellomonte, Laurel, Chicago, Naperville, Chester, Idaho Springs, and Waco.