Vacation? What Vacation?

Back from 1900 miles and ten days with the family. Chicago to Upstate NY to Toronto and back again. Perfect trip for a Jewelboxing archive of photos. Now, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

Ronnie at Tirade writes, “Jewelboxing looks like it could be another tool with which we, the great unwashed, can steal the means of production, or at least buy it on the cheap. But this doesn’t look in the least bit cheap.” Thanks for that. Webranding says, “Not sure why it took so long for a firm to launch a product like this, but heck it is here now. I use it at work and for my personal needs. With a little effort you can produce your own custom CD-ROM that looks like what you expect to purchase at a store.” That’s appreciated too.

I covered a lot of ground during the last ten days of vacation but not enough to get caught up on thanking our new friends in Harleysville, Moorpark, Portland, Drayton, Santa Monica, Austin, Lawrence, Boston, NYC, Tallahassee, Providence, Pittsburgh, Oakbrook Terrace, Columbus, DC, Brooklyn, Westerville, Cedar Rapids, Las Vegas, Chicago, Uniontown, LA, St. Paul, Windsor, Madison, San Francisco, Raleigh, Kirkland, Fairlawn, Philadelphia, Louisville, Bremgarten, Palo Alto, Sparta, Houston, Oxfordshire, Guaynabo, Bartlett and Kenosha.