Wanted: One Mom or Dad With Design Skills

Here’s the deal. We’d like someone to produce a Christmas present with Jewelboxing and document the process for us. In exchange we’ll send you the materials to do it free of charge. Write us at crew at jewelboxing dot com and tell us why you think you should be considered. The person we choose will put together some sort of photo or video archive and design and assemble all the packaging. They’ll need to do it fast, and they’ll need to be able to write up the whole process and maybe even document it with photos too. We’ll send you all the materials free of charge and of course give you full credit and linkage for your effort. Aunts and uncles are eligible too. Any takers?

You might be from Morriston, Ipsach, Portland, LA, Alpharetta, Valencia, Richmond, Holland, London, NYC, DC, Century City, Minneapolis, Muskegon, Toronto, Egg Harbor City, Waltham, Ann Arbor, Arcadia, Brooklyn, West Columbia or Helena, but you could be from just about anywhere.