We Get Letters, and Jpgs Too

Don Bambico writes. “When I first saw your Jewelboxing system, I simply fell in love with the freedom to design all around the case thus making it very eye catching. Having been stuck designing on those boring DVD amaray cases, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and create something slick with your Jewelboxing system.”

“So in an attempt to attract prospective employers and also for graduate school admissions, I used the Jewelboxing system and created my very own portfolio cd-rom. I must say that I am extremely satisfied and very happy with the outcome. Thank you Jewelboxing Crew, you guys rock!”

The parade of cities continues in a increasingly futile attempt to get caught up before vacation. Thanks to London, Westfield, LA, Miami, Charlotte, Burbank, Heemstede, Amsterdam, Venice, Golden Valley, Lincoln, Schaumburg, Winnipeg, NYC, Stockton-on-Tees, Lombard, South San Francisco, Atlanta, Stratford, Richmond and Phoenix.

See you after Labor Day. Keep Jewelboxing.